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Anurag Wishes Anil Happy Birthday By Sharing Unseen Pics With Him

On ace Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor's 64th birthday today the same day when their film AK Vs AK releases on Netflix, Anurag wishes his co star Anil happy birthday by sharing unseen pictures with him on his Instagram and also penned a heart warming note wherein Anurag also thanked Anil for always inspiring him.

After their promotional gimmick of being pitted against each other for their film AK Vs AK, Anurag wishes Anil happy birthday by sharing unseen pics with him.

After their entire promotional strategy and spat of taking digs and potshots at each other for their latest film on social media specifically for AK Vs AK which has been directed by the ace brilliant film maker Vikramaditya Motwane and is releasing today on Netflix, Anurag wishes Anil happy birthday by sharing unseen pics with him.

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Anurag Kashyap taking to his official instagram handle, posted few unseen pictures with Anil Kapoor and also penned a sweet heartfelt note along with wishing him a 64th birthday.

Anil Kapoor has completed another successful year and also has many reasons to celebrate the birthday since his film AK Vs AK releases today. To mark this special occasion, his co star / film maker director Anurag Kashyap also took to his social media handle and wished him a happy birthday by sharing some unseen pictures with Anil Kapoor on his post in a form of series and also wrote a sweet heartfelt note for the same thereby thanking him from bottom of his heart to inspire him in many ways.

In the pictures, we see both Anil and Anurag attending a press conference of a film that never got made. Penning a heart warming note for Anil, he wrote, “Today when #AKvsAK is releasing .. I want to put out these pictures of our launch of the most prized AK ( Allwyn Kalicharan) the film that never got made , and @motwayne and #AvinashSampat made it the basis for the ever experimental, genre defying Motwane’s yet again “FIFTH FILM by VM”.. all I want to say is Thank you Mr @anilskapoor .. the most secure (insecure actor) human being , who just does not know how to give up, who always challenges himself and also you(me) to be your best and always wants to come out on top”.

Furthermore, he also added, “The man who today at 64 or is it 65 , is the most healthy competitor, is as hungry as he was when he started out. The man who can teach you so much about how to make the best out of what you have . He , who is not afraid to be vulnerable, to laugh at himself and to put himself out there in ways no one else does . A true Janbaaz like @vasanbala says . Thank you AK sir for inspiring me and pulling me out of my lethargy and reluctance and pushing me to do my best . A very very Happy Happy Birthday to you Young Man and endless love . #AkvsAk on @netflix_in today . Circa 2003”.

Source: Anurag Kashyap Instagram. he posted these unseen pics with Anil and wished him a happy birthday by writing a heartfelt note.

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