Anupam Kher Believes “Namaste” Is A Way To Avoid Coronavirus Infection

Anupam Kher shared a video in which he appealed people to say “Namaste” to avoid getting infected by Coronavirus.

Following the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, commonly known as Coronavirus, people around the world have taken to wearing masks that will keep them safe from getting infected. Instead of shaking hands and kissing, many others have taken to greeting people with a’ namaste.’ In addition, veteran actor Anupam Kher appealed to his fans to choose namaste to greet people.

The veteran actor shared a video on social media to appeal to his fans. He wrote, “Of late I am being told by lots of people to keep washing hands to prevent any kind of infection. I do that in any case. But also want to suggest the age-old Indian way of greeting people called #Namaste. It is hygienic, friendly & centers your energies. Try it. #caronavirus (sic)”

Two reported cases of the disease have recently been registered in Telangana and Delhi each. With the Coronavirus death toll exceeding 3,000 worldwide, the world is trying to find ways to avoid getting infected. People are being asked to refrain from trips to Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Singapore if not necessary. Until now the UAE has registered 19 incidents.