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Angela Krislinzki’s Exclusive Interview On Her Movies, Love Life And More

Lehren's exclusive with actor and model Angela Krislinzki as she talks about her love life with Madhav Mahajan, her films, music videos, beauty hacks and more.

Angela Krislinzki made her Bollywood debut in 2018 with Vikram Bhatt’s horror film ‘1921’. Prior to this, she featured in several TV commercials, popular music videos and Telugu films.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

You released the poster of your new film on your birthday. Tell us more about it.

It is called ‘Tauba Tera Jalwa’. It is alongside Ameesha Patel and it is a women-centric film. We are playing the role of con artists. It is a fun film. You can watch it with your family. We have finished shooting the film. It will release soon.

Will it be released in theatres or on OTT?

It was initially supposed to release in theatres. But now, it may come out on Amazon or Netflix.

You celebrated your birthday with Madhav Mahajan. You guys look adorable together. How did your love story begin?

Our love story began on the sets of Chann Vi Gawah. I did not know him before that. He was very sweet and shy. He spoke very decently with me. And that’s what I like about him.

We then exchanged phone numbers regarding the song’s promotions. I also used to go to Chandigarh quite often as I was shooting for other songs also. So, we eventually developed a friendship. That’s how our love story began.

Do you plan to take your relationship to the next step?

Yeah, who doesn’t want it. But I don’t know when.

You made your Bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt’s film 1921. It is a horror film and actors don’t generally make their debut with horror films. What made you choose this film?

I was already doing a few films in the South. And my last south film was a big hit. It was directed by Puri Jagganadh Sir. I wanted to explore Bollywood but since I don’t have a Bollywood background, so I wasn’t getting many offers as a lead.

But when I auditioned for 1921, Vikram Bhatt Sir liked my acting. I played the negative lead in the film. The character was so grey and I got to play so many shades in one role.

My debut was as a negative lead but today I am playing a lead with Ameesha Patel. It is a totally different role. I am playing a sweet wife who is dedicated to her husband and loves to watch serials. But in this film also, my character has many shades.

What kind of roles would you like to play in future?

In South, I have played mostly gamolorous roles. They were not very acting oriented. I don’t want to do roles that describe me as a glam doll.

Your last film ‘Malang: Unleash The Madness’ was a huge hit. How was your experience working on that film?

It was a great film altogether. As a viewer also when I watch it, I enjoy it thoroughly. It was a great experience shooting for it.

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We see you a lot in music videos and all of them are fabulous. Your music video ‘Bholenath’ recently crossed 100 million views on YouTube. So, do you enjoy the process of music videos?

Yes, totally. Because you get 3 minutes to emote the entire story. Before coming into acting, I used to do TV commercials. I did about 50 commercials. What I like about ads and music videos is that in ads you get 30 sec and in songs, you get 3 minutes to tell a story.

I am also a great dancer. I don’t want to praise myself but I have received professional training in dance. So, I enjoy dancing in music videos.

Which dance form do you like the most?

I am an Indian, so I love Bollywood. I have grown up listening to 90s music. So, whenever I listen to such music, I start dancing.

Is there any other music video coming up soon?

This week, my song called ‘Chori Chori’ got released. It’s with Deep Money who is a very good singer.

How did you keep yourself positive during the lockdown?

To be honest, I was never a social person. I don’t usually step out unless I am working. I like to stay home. But I discovered a very different side of me during the lockdown. I started spending more time with my pets. I started reading more and learning more about life. Now I don’t find happiness in materialistic things. I get happy with smaller things in life. If someone just gives me a compliment, or if I just meet someone, it will make me feel nice and happy. Smaller things give me more joy and happiness now. I have changed a lot as a person in last one and a half year.

Do you miss travelling?

Yes. I especially miss travelling without the masks and face shield. I love travelling for work. But I hope this pandemic gets over soon.

What’s your favourite travel destination?

I love London. I like New York also.

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