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Ananya Panday: I Feel Haters Are My Biggest Fans Checking Up On Me

The rising bollywood star on the block right now who is being loved by all her fans with each film, Ananya Panday says I feel haters are my biggest fans checking up on me.

The much awaited fifth episode of Quickheal Pinch Season 2 by Arbaaz Khan on Quplay’s Youtube channel had been released yesterday and in that the celebrity guest and bollywood actress Ananya Panday says I feel haters are my biggest fans checking up on me.

In the latest episode of Pinch season 2 by Arbaaz Khan, Kaali Peeli (Netflix, 2020) fame bollywood actress Ananya Panday says I feel haters are my biggest fans checking up on me.

QuickHeal Pinch By Arbaaz Khan Season 2 is the newest addition to 2019’s super-successful chat show that targets trollers and spreads awareness about cyber-bullying by inviting celebrities as guests on the show and talking about the latest new episode, Ananya Panday says I feel haters are my biggest fans checking up on me.

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The fifth episode of Pinch season 2 by Arbaaz Khan was released yesterday and the guest for the episode was beautiful and talented Ananya Panday. Ananya kept a smile on her face all through the episode and answered back her trollers with full sass.

Ananya has always been one of the most trolled celebrities. When Ananya was a guest on Rajeev Masand’s show her statement about having struggled a lot was trolled a lot on twitter. Ananya answered about it on Pinch saying her statement was wrongly put out whereas what she wanted to convey didn’t come out well. Ananya was trolled a lot for her statement and memes were being made on the actress. When Arbaaz made Ananya go through a few of these memes the actress had a good laugh at it and said she loved memes and takes all memes made on her in a positive way.

Ananya and her two best friends Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor are together known as Charlie’s Angels. When Ananya was asked about who Charlie was amongst them she said she couldn’t reveal that and that it was a secret between the trio. Ananya once tweeted about her group and spelled ‘Angels’ as ‘Angles’, for which she was once again trolled a lot of twitter. Ananya feels people should understand it’s normal to make a typo and people shouldn’t make such a big an issue out of it.

Arbaaz Khan further asked the actress what on social media pinches her the most to which she said, “If people troll me I take it in a positive way, but it upsets me when they start saying things about my mom, dad and even my little sister. I don’t hate my haters, in fact I feel they are my biggest fans because they are constantly checking on me”.

Ananya further spoke about her initiative ‘So Positive’ which she started a few years ago on World Social Media Day an initiative against cyber bullying. Talking about it she said, “I have always felt the answer to hate should always be love. I started this so that people who have no one to talk to can reach out to someone. Always talk to someone you trust, it can be your teacher, parents or cyber police too”.

Source: Quplay Official Youtube Channel. The episode with Ananya being candid and open about getting trolled at her sassy best with savage answers is out now.

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