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Amjad Khan’s 8-Year-Old Grandson Makes His Debut

8-year-old Mihail Karachiwala, the grandson of Sholay fame Amjad Khan (famously known as Gabbar Singh), is making his debut in a prestigious Indo-Brit English play.

A chess player whose constant playmate is his Rubik’s cube, 8-year-old Mihail Karachiwala is the talk of NCPA as he rehearses for his first play ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Favour’. Directed by Bruce Guthrie, Mihail is the only ‘junior’ in a cast led by ‘grownup’ veterans Neil Bhoopalam, Denzil Smith, Sohrab Ardeshir and Deepika Deshpande Amin. 

A bright student of Cathedral and John Connon School in south Mumbai, Mihail is the son of Amjad Khan’s daughter Ahlam Khan, a multi-lingual theatre actress and her businessman husband Zafar Karachiwala who’s also a renowned theatre person. Mihail was recently seen in two Swiggy ads as well. Acting’s in his genes or as his theatre colleagues have noted, “Mihail comes from good stock.”  

Mihail with theatre-actor parents Ahlam Amjad Khan and Zafar Karachiwala

To mix two Salim-Javed creations, watching his grandson at ease before a live audience or in front of a camera, Amjad will be beaming, “Gabbar Singh khush hua”.

Billed as a brilliantly funny, relevant political satire that combines spectacle with emotion and conflict, one of the many highlights of ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Favour’ will be a 45-piece live orchestra by the Symphony Orchestra of India.

Mihail with mom Ahlam Khan before a poster of the play

The NCPA production by award-winning playwright Sir Tom Stoppard and much-feted composer Andre Previn opens in Mumbai on Friday, November 4.

Bharathi S Pradhan

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