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Amidst AK Vs AK Trailer Release, Did Ugly 2 Fall In Jeopardy

This is another shocking update now, as amidst the ongoing AK Vs AK film promotions, Ugly 2 film announcement by Ajay Bahl has gotten Netflix India angry on Anurag Kashyap who had no part to play in it.

Anurag and Anil’s much awaited intense crime drama thriller film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane titled AK Vs AK’s official trailer is out now but now there’s another problem and issue surrounding the film which is that amidst AK Vs AK trailer release, did Ugly 2 fall in jeopardy.

Also this brewing tension and stirring controversy is making the fans, netizens, and audiences also deeply mull and wonder about the fact that amidst AK Vs AK trailer release, did Ugly 2 fall in jeopardy.

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Recently the B.A. Pass (2012) film director Ajay Rai announced critically acclaimed film Ugly (2014) sequel named Ugly 2 which Netflix feels has been trying to divert the attention from their upcoming much awaited satirical crime thriller drama film AK Vs AK due to which, Netflix India which is currently the streaming king amongst all the globally renowned OTT streaming platforms got irked by another Anurag Kashyap film project announcement and they straight away expressed their displeasure to Anurag on the same.

Netflix is currently busy in their digital promotions rigorously for AK Vs AK where both Anurag and Anil are busy mocking and hurling sly digs at each other because they both are the protagonist and antagonist in the movie against each other and Netflix doesn’t let any other thing come in their way of film promotions.

Ofcourse, we all know that Anurag had no hand in it but now things turned tense as following this episode, the Ugly 2 director Ajay Bahl has had to come straight forward to issue the clarification on the same.

Ajay during his recent interview with a leading Indian digital entertainment portal told, “This film has been my dream project for a very long time, and when I met Anurag Kashyap after B.A. Pass he told me this should be my next film. I went on to do other things but when I met him recently he asked me what happened to that script you had narrated to me and  I asked him if I could title the film Ugly 2 because of the similar genre and tone and if would like to be associated with it. Anurag liked the idea and said let’s talk further after the promotion and release of AK vs AK”.

Furthermore, sounding scared of losing this project, Ajay said, “I was very happy and I shared this conversation with my whole team, obviously they were also very excited and one of them went out and spoke about it as if things were locked. As a filmmaker, I would like to say that I hope this news does not jeopardize the film. As soon as things are finalized we will make an announcement”.

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