Sunday, September 27, 2020

    Ambulance Driver Makes Shocking Statement In Sushant Singh Rajput Case


    There has been a major development in Sushant Singh Rajput case as the ambulance driver who carried the late actor’s body has claimed that this is not a case of suicide. The ambulance driver, who also helped picking up Sushant’s body from his house to the ambulance is one of the very few people who had closely looked at his body. He claimed that there were bruise marks on the feet of Sushant Singh Rajput which had turned yellow. He told that in suicide cases, the body doesn’t turn yellowish. He mentioned that the actor’s legs were bent which is quite suspicious and is unusual in a suicide case. According to him, they were bent because he may have tried to fight back. He claimed that there was no foam from the late actor’s mouth and that the marks around his neck were not uniform. Sushant’s former assistant had also made similar claims. He said that by looking at the photographs, it was clear that Sushant was strangled by his pet dog Fudge’s belt.

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