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Amazon Prime Quizzed By Authorities On Varun Sara’s Coolie No 1

After the shameful and totally abysmal performance of Coolie No 1 starring Varun and Sara, for which IMDB even gave it the lowest ever rating of 1.4 out of 10, this has left Amazon Prime Video totally high and dry where now the authorities are questioning the digital OTT platform for their decision of buying the film for a whopping amount of 180 crores.

The much awaited film Coolie No 1 proved to be a huge sham and debacle with lowest ever IMDB rating of 1.4 out of 10 where unfortunately the film failed in creating the same magic that the original cult Coolie No 1 (1995) which starred Govinda and Karisma in lead roles did and after fans and netizens incessant trolling and slamming of films on twitter with their trends, this has also added to the failure of the film which has left Amazon Prime Video totally high and dry. Now the latest update in same is, Amazon Prime quizzed by authorities on Varun Sara’s Coolie No 1.

According to the latest news media reports, if they are to be believed, then yes certainly it could be true that Amazon Prime quizzed by authorities on Varun Sara’s Coolie No 1.

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Not only this, but also the fact that the renowned digital OTT streaming platform Amazon Prime Video is being questioned and grilled about their decision of buying the film.

Not even Varun and Sara’s songs and chemistry could save the film from becoming the Christmas 2020 box office digital disaster because of which, now Amazon Prime quizzed by authorities on Varun Sara’s Coolie No 1.

With the lowest ever IMDB ratings of 1.4 on 10, the film has Coolie No 1 (2020) has ultimately ended up becoming one of the most worst and bad films of all times which even though directed by David Dhawan as his 45th Film, could not create the same magic like original one did also beating director Sajid Khan’s remake of Himmatwala.

The totally shameful reviews and worst ratings of 2020’s most expensive and magnum opus remake film Coolie No 1 has sent the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video into total shock where apparently a high level inquiry is being done to find out and see how Coolie No 1 could have been sold by the makers for such a large and humongous amount of approximately 180 crores.

Starting from 2021, all the globally renowned digital OTT streaming platforms would be doing less movie purchasing.

In a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment website, a source was quoted telling, “We are not going to be spending major money on buying feature films. We will produce our own films rather than source them from Bollywood producers. That works better for us. I think all major OTT platforms will follow this guideline in 2021”.

Which is very good and positive news where we would be seeing a lot of original content in form of series and films by the major and globally renowned OTT platforms starting from 2021.  The film Coolie No 1 released with much fanfare on Amazon Prime Video only to once again disappoint its viewers, audiences and fans as well wherein the netizens and memers are having a blast after getting much material and fodder thanks to the illogical, senseless and amateur stunts of Varun Dhawan in Coolie No 1.

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