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Amazon Delays Family Man 2 After Tandav And Mirzapur Fiasco

Popular Indian OTT streaming platform Amazon Prime Video after facing rage and ire from all sections for two of its biggest shows which are Tandav and Mirzapur, has delayed indefinitely The Family Man 2 after entire Tandav and Mirzapur fiasco.

The latest update in the digital brouhaha that shocked even Bollywood and netizens since it involves two of the biggest series by the globally prominent giant OTT streaming platform is that Amazon delays Family Man 2 after Tandav and Mirzapur fiasco.

From the Supreme Court verdict against Tandav and people involved to Allahabad court’s stay order on arrest of renowned Bollywood film producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar for showing Mirzapur in a bad light in the series, after facing so much of wrath and ire from all sections, Amazon delays Family Man 2 after Tandav and Mirzapur fiasco.

This is no lie that off late Amazon has been under the radar and intense scrutiny of both the High court and Supreme court with two of its biggest web series namely Tandav and Mirzapur in limelight for all wrong reasons from past few days now and since these troubles are not going to ends soon enough, now the latest update in same is that Amazon delays Family Man 2 after Tandav and Mirzapur fiasco.

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After being mired in the ongoing controversies surrounding two of its major webseries which are Tandav and Mirzapur, Amazon Prime Video delays release of its big fat Indian series Family Man 2 which was originally supposed to be streamed on 12th February 2021 indefinitely, this means that the series official trailer which was supposed to be releasing on 19th January 2021 will now be coming out just week before its new streaming date which will be whenever Amazon decides to release it.

A source closely involved in this recent sad development in his interview byte with a veteran Bollywood film journalist for a leading digital entertainment portal was quoted saying, “It is true. The Family Man Season 2 has been postponed indefinitely, much to the disappointment of Manoj Bajpayee and the co-director Raj-DK. The reason is, the Brand Amazon has taken a beating in India with two of their most successful shows Mirzapur and Tandav coming under the scanner for allegedly hurting popular sentiments. Amazon doesn’t feel the atmosphere is conducive to the release of a big franchise like The Family Man”.

When asked about The Family Man not having any controversial content at all, the source responded, “You know that. I know that. But who knows what triggers off an adverse reaction in the public? Amazon would rather wait for a more opportune time to release an important show like The Family Man”.

The source also explaining how the series directors Raj Ndimoru and Krishna DK don’t have any hand in this development asserted, “Raj and DK have delivered the full series of the second season of The Family Man to Amazon. They have nothing to do with the decision to hold back the series. As far as Raj and DK are concerned the series is ready for streaming whenever Amazon decides to do so. The co-directors have no intention of modifying anything in the second season because there is nothing even remotely objectionable in the series”.

This is also true that a few days back itself, Supreme Court in its verdict refused to grant any protection to the makers of Tandav and people involved in it. Also on 17th January 2021, an FIR had been officially lodged against makers of Mirzapur 2 for trying to show their city of UP, Mirzapur in a bad light. Also this FIR had been filed at the Mirzapur Kotwali (Dehat) police station for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments and also highlighting Mirzapur in a bad light. The court’s hearing that took place today has given a verdict that has put a stay on arrest of producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar.

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