Alia Bhatt’s Deepfake Video Goes Viral Again, Fans React

Another deepfake video of Alia Bhatt is now going viral on social media again. Fans shared their concern regarding the AI technology.

Alia Bhatt has become the subject of a widely circulated deepfake video causing concern among fans about the potential risks associated with this AI-generated technology. The video, uploaded to Instagram by Sameeksha Avtr, has garnered over 17 million views.

According to the user’s Instagram bio, all AI-generated videos are created solely for entertainment purposes. In the deepfake, Alia Bhatt is depicted wearing a black chikankari kurta, preparing herself with makeup, and posing for the camera throughout the video.

Despite this, fans and followers of Alia Bhatt voiced their concerns about the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) as the deepfake video gained widespread attention. One user commented, “Is this even legal? Can you edit the face and post videos like this?”, one commented, “Using another person’s face to get views is illegal…you know rite?”, another commented, “For a sec I thought Alia Bhatt uploaded a GRWM video.”

Earlier this year in May, a viral deepfake video claimed to feature Alia Bhatt, where her face was digitally superimposed onto Wamiqa Gabbi’s body.

Celebs Who Fell Victims To Deepfake

Several celebrities, such as Aamir Khan, Kajol, Katrina Kaif, and Rashmika Mandanna, have recently been affected by deepfake incidents. Last year, Delhi Police apprehended four individuals involved in circulating a deepfake video allegedly featuring Rashmika Mandanna. The video depicted a woman named Zara Patel, whose appearance was digitally manipulated to resemble Mandanna’s, entering an elevator.

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