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Alia and Ranbir power couples of B-Town

After so many couples that we have seen in the Bollywood industry, the newest couple in the industry is Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor. Just like many other couples in the industry who fall in love with each other on the sets of their movies together. Alia and Ranbir also started getting attracted to each other on the sets of their upcoming movie Bhramastra. So let us know more about this young couple.

This relationship also became the first relationship of his which Ranbir Kapoor accepted openly. While both stars of the industry are in demand for various industries, the couple has also shown some interest in getting married someday.

Their upcoming venture fantasy movie ‘Bhramastra’ is coming soon. The movie is the most awaited one among the audience since the news of the couple’s affair has come out and the audience is eagerly waiting to see the Jodi work together and witness the chemistry they share among them. The shoot of this movie has ended and will soon hit the theatres to entertain us all.

Not only are the fans waiting for this movie but they also are wishing to see the couple work together on a frequent basis on some more movies.

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