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Akshay’s Bell Bottom Got Banned In Saudi Arabia, UAE And Qatar

The much awaited 80's era styled espionage crime thriller bollywood movie Akshay Kumar's Bell Bottom got banned in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

The first ever bollywood movie that got released in theatres now post pandemic in India, bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom helmed by Ranjit Tiwari which released in theatres on 19th August 2021, has gotten a good response from fans, critics and audiences as well but its also true that Akshay’s Bell Bottom got banned in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Its a really sad and upsetting news but Akshay’s Bell Bottom got banned in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

According to the recent news reports by a leading digital bollywood portal, its true that Akshay’s Bell Bottom got banned in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

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The reason behind this action spy thriller getting banned in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar is that it has allegedly tried to tamper and misrepresent historical facts.

We all know how the global superstar who is also one of finest actors in indian cinema, Akshay Kumar starrer much awaited 80’s era vintage style espionage political thriller drama film Bell Bottom which has gotten a nationwide theatrical release on 19th August has finally put an end on one and a half year long lull and loss faced by theatres and their owners in India.

According to the latest report in a leading digital bollywood portal, it has clearly stated that the film certification authorities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have banned the screening of ‘Bell Bottom’ in their countries because of alleged tampering with historical facts.

The said bollywood portal has clearly quoted a source saying, “The second half of Bell Bottom shows the hijackers taking the aircraft to Dubai from Lahore. As per the actual incident that took place in 1984, United Arab Emirates Defence Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had personally handled the situation and it was the UAE authorities who had nabbed the hijackers”.

The said source also went on to add, “So there’s a strong possibility that the Censor Board in the Middle Eastern countries must have taken objection to it and hence banned it”.

Bell Bottom, inspired by true events during the reign of Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of India narrated the story of the 1984 plane hijack in which a group of separatists first landed the plane in Lahore and then took it to Dubai. The story shows Akshay Kumar as a RAW agent with the code name Bell Bottom rescuing the passengers with a covert operation in Dubai.

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