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Akshay Kumar Offers Financial Help To Gaiety-Galaxy Owner

Akshay Kumar has extended financial aid to the owner of the Gaiety-Galaxy owner in the midst of the lockdown. Read below to know more.

The Bollywood industry has come to a standstill since the lockdown was imposed last month. With theatres been shut all over the nation, the showbiz has taken a huge hit. The lockdown was first imposed till 14th April but got extended till 3rd May owing to the increase in the patients infected by the novel coronavirus. For now, it is unclear whether the lockdown will further extend or not.

Recently, Manoj Desai the owner of the Gaiety Galaxy revealed that he had taken a loan to provide salaries to his employees during the crisis. After hearing this, Akshay Kumar has stepped forward to help the owner.

Manoj Desai said that Akshay Kumar called him a few days ago to offer financial help in this time of crisis. Desai said that it was a very kind gesture of him to offer help but added that they have to find a way to sustain. He further added that they have managed to collect enough funds in order to pay their staff their salaries for the month. He also mentioned that since the lockdown will have long time consequences they will have to focus on not having to cut down on the salaries of the staff.

Manoj Desai and his business partner Arun Nair had been talking of raising ticket prices once the lockout was finished but it got extended until May 3. He said that he’ll go to Maratha Mandir and Gaiety Galaxy to address plans for May and make sure they don’t have to seek the industry’s help.

For the unversed, Desai is also the owner of Maratha Mandir who has screened Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for 25 years. He then mentioned that the Yash Raj Films production house has not offered any kind of assistance or help and he doesn’t want to beg as the production house should have spared a thought.

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