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AKASA Sing: Yaad Na Aana Is Closest Song To My Heart

In her latest conversational chat interview off late with us, the renowned singing diva AKASA Sing says Yaad Na Aana is closest song to my heart.

She is one of Bollywood industry’s most loved singer who has given us hit songs like Naagin, Thug Ranjha, Naiyyo and Shola in the pop genre and this time once again she has effortlessly paved her way into hearts of fans with Sony Music India’s latest music video titled Yaad Na Aana with vocals by her and Yash Narvekar. She has carved a permanent niche for herself in this highly competitive industry by proving her mettle as a versatile playback singer. In her recent exclusive interview with us whilst opening up on the song, AKASA Sing says Yaad Na Aana is closest song to my heart.

In the latest candid conversation with the well renowned singing sensation, AKASA Sing says Yaad Na Aana is closest song to my heart.

In our latest conversational chat interview with ace and iconic diva singer, AKASA Sing says Yaad Na Aana is closest song to my heart.

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Revealing about her experience of collaborating with Yash Narvekar for this song, AKASA shares, “It has been absolutely amazing. Yash has been a friend and I am a huge fan of his talent and music. I actually loved the song and he already had it. I am just grateful to be a part of it”.

Speaking up more on the entire backstory of how she happened to come onboard for the song, AKASA said, “I didn’t say yes for it. Yash already had it and he played it to me. Then he said that do you like it or not and I replied, ‘I love it’. I told him, ‘You should definitely release the song’ and he said, ‘You should sing it with me’. I was really happy for being considered. I was telling him to get a better singer for it. But I feel it’s the lyrics, simplicity and relatability of the composition and not only that, but the lyrics which he has written immediately made me love the song since I relate to it a lot”.

Talking about the next genre she wants to explore after this soul stirring romantic heartbreak ballad, AKASA said, “I’ve been lucky to put out music in different genres but I think that I’ve always wanted to do something apart from the dance numbers as that’s the majority of songs I have. I was lucky enough with Dhundti Firaan as it is a kind of sufi but soft rock song which carried a sufi rock vibe, then sung the romantic song Dil Na Jaaneya and then there are dance numbers too. Yaad Na Aana being a sad number, I was actually waiting to do a sad number for a long time and am glad that it happened with Yaad Na Aana and I surely want to do more of such soft, meaningful slow sad songs more”.

Opening up on audience’s and fans reaction to the song which has been getting so much of love and appreciation, AKASA says, “It’s been amazing. It was first time with this kind of a song I’ve done, meaning the first sad song. I was very happy and of course initially I was worried as I didn’t know that will this sound good and all but people have really liked it. Fans have loved it as well which feels really overwhelming and crazy that how much people are not only relating with the song and lyrics. Obviously I knew people will love the song since it’s a good song which has been written and composed by Yash really beautifully. When I was worried about my part and voice, but people have loved that which is really cool”.

Giving out a sweet message for all her fans, AKASA says, “Keep giving the love that you are giving and check out Yaad Na Aana. Stay safe in this pandemic that so that the world gets normal again and we could make more such songs”.

Revealing about her favorite song which is closest to her heart, AKASA said, “I think right now it has to be Yaad Na Aana as I relate too much to the lyrics and composition”.

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