AI’s Dangerous Voice Imitation: Singer Kumar Sanu On How AI Can’t Match Human Creativity

Kumar Sanu addresses AI's threat to creativity, which can’t match or replicate human emotion and originality in the music industry.

Artificial Intelligence has taken away the world in every business sector, from mimicking human forms to voice imitation, with deepfake activities knowing no bounds. While AI has its pros and cons, singer Kumar Sanu has spoken out about its dangers, warning how AI cheats people with fake outputs, leading them in a wrong way.

During the launch of his new song, ‘Mera Dil Tera Hone Laga’, Kumar Sanu remarked, “Technology continues to grow and no one can stop it. But reflecting on its side effects, people try to find ways to earn money through such illegal activities.”

He further related AI’s voice imitation activities to his voice being blended in other songs, stating, “You might be listening to a Kumar Sanu song, but that’s not my original track. It’s a cheat for the audience and listeners.” He stressed the need for protection against AI activities, particularly in the “creative field”.

Highlighting the technology’s limitations, Sanu said, “AI can imitate the voice, but what about the expression? Creativity includes expressions, feelings, and the nuances we add with our own talent. No matter how much we use AI, it can’t match human creativity.”

He proved by singing his track “Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye” in two different styles to showcase the importance of expression and emotion in music.

Kumar Sanu had addressed similar concerns in an earlier interview with Hindustan Times. He stated, “Technology today is dominated by AI. Kisi bhi singer ka duplicate ban jaaye (Singers can be replicated), I don’t think this will be correct. One has to protect themselves from such methods. AI is dangerous.”

Kumar Sanu’s latest love song, ‘Mera Dil Tera Hone Laga’, featuring singer Aakanksha Sharma, is written and composed by Sanjeev Chaturvedi. The music video stars Sahaj Singh and Yukti Singh.

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