KGF: Chapter 2 To Have A Part 3? Director Prashanth Neel Says This!

The most anticipated south action-thriller starring south superstar Yash, KGF, released his second instalment just yesterday and fans are already asking for a third part. Here's director Prasanth's revelation about a possibility!

When Yash starrer KGF was released back in 2018, no one could have imagined it’d create such buzz and become such a superhit movie. The movie was released parallel to the superstar Shahrukh khan’s starter ‘Zero’ which earned a lukewarm response from the audience. But the success of KGF needs no explanation, everyone knows how the movie outperformed many other movies released with it, not just in South India, but across all genres, pan India.

Since its release, fans have been for the sophomore part of the movie, with the immense success of the second part. So far, the movie has been receiving great reviews from the critics and the viewers too, making the second part also a hit among audiences. With this, fans have been speculating, whether a third part of the film is on its way. Who better to answer this, than the director himself, when Prashanth Neel was asked about the third part of the film.

Answering about the same, he said, “It’s too early to confirm. In cinema, you can even bring the dead to life. If people love KGF: Chapter 2, we could think of continuing the franchise.” Also, the viewers, who have already watched the film, have already got an idea about the third part of the film. Many have even revealed, that the second part, perhaps, is the end of the franchise. But now with director Prashanth himself revealing that a third part is remotely possible, it has generated a sense of curiosity among the fans of the movie.

Now that the movie has received good reviews, earlier actor of the film Yash had shared how the success of the first season had set high expectations for the second instalment. “Yes, it does, but that has got nothing to do with the script. The success of the first part gave us the levy to think in a bigger way. Our vision has gone a notch higher in terms of scale but the story remains the same. Before we would have been a little lesser on the scale front but now, we have gone all out.” he said.

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Also, he shed light on the strategies that were adopted to make the film a success. He said, “We have to keep these things in mind for sure. The stories have to be universal, as we got to present them to a global audience. Every film has its own set of challenges and it’s our job to face them. Every person in the audience is important to me, and I know the expectations they would have from my post-KGF 2,” he replies, quick to add, “It’s not about the language or market anymore, it’s about the number of people we are catering to. I want to do stories that every age group can comfortably watch.”