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After Facing Trolls, Ayan Mukerji Promises Better “Dialogues” For Brahmastra 2

Ayan Mukerji promises to deliver better "dialogues" and more juicy storytelling in the second installment of his film Brahmastra.

Brahmastra 2: Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra is undoubtedly one of the most hyped and much-anticipated films of the year. With almost 10 years spent in the making, the film has now finally been released in the theatres. However, despite earning great numbers at the box office the film was criticized by the audience for its not-so-impressive writing and “cringeworthy” dialogues, meanwhile, in a recent interview, Ayan said that he would try to deliver better dialogues and more juicy storytelling in the second installment of his film Brahmastra.

Ayan Mukerji Talks About Delivering Better “Dialogues” For Brahmastra 2

Talking about the second installment of his film Brahmastra, Ayan told Sony Music India, “Look at Baahubali, 2 years pass just like that. We have a very big country, I think it will take six months just for everybody to see Brahmastra. It would have been amazing if we could have given you Brahmastra 2 next year. I would have loved it, it would have been great for me.”

He added,  “But making Brahmastra 1 in India; it is a fully ‘Made In India’ product, it was very challenging. So now to make Part 2 even happen in 2-3 years is also a very very big challenge. Making it at the same quality with better dialogues (laughs) and more juicy storytelling, it is a very very big challenge.”

Ayan Mukerji On Receiving Criticism For Dialogues In Brahmastra

Reacting to criticism over poor writing and dialogue Ayan Mukerji recently told IndianExpress, “I thought this would give the film a soul. That the greatest energy comes from within you and the greatest form of energy is when you are in a state of love. It may have sounded better on paper than it came across to certain people.”

Talking about his song Kesariya Ayan added, “When Kesariya came out, for the first 48 hours all we heard was, ‘Oh God why did they do this with love storiyan.’ But the song continued to be a blockbuster, and nobody talks about it today. So point noted. But India has a diverse audience.”

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