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Adnan Sami Slams A Troll From Pakistan

For Trump’s visit to the Taj Mahal, the historic monument was cleaned after many years. Pakistanis started to troll India for it but singer Adnan Sami slams him.

Adnan Sami is frequently bullied for his opinions and remarks regarding burning topics. But the singer does know how to give these trolls back. Earlier the singer was called into question about his nationality, about his highly regarded win for the Padma Shri honors, but this time the troll wasn’t even personal. A Pakistani troll who made fun of PM Narendra Modi and Adnan didn’t get it right.

Since we all know, PM Narendra Modi is currently leaving no stone unturned to make US President Donald Trump’s maiden India visit memorable. The officials landed in Ahmedabad and later visited the Taj Mahal in Agra. The Taj Mahal was cleaned after several years for Trump’s visit and that became a trolling point for these users of Pakistani Twitter.

One of the Twitter users took it on his handle to share a video of fire brigade spraying water on a replica of the Taj Mahal. He accompanied the post by writing, To show Donald Trump the cleaning of the Taj Mahal is underway. #modikingofterrorists knows that this is the creation of Muslim Rulers, who are not even considered of being second class citizens nowadays in India as per BJP+RSS Ideas.” He called the Taj Mahal, a creation of Muslims.

Adnan decided to slam the Pak troll and wrote him back. He Tweeted, “You need to first clean your mind and your ‘Niyat’!! Secondly…Umm, to clean the Taj Mahal, you need to HAVE the Taj Mahal… We HAVE IT- YOU DONT!! …BURN!! – Next!”

Adnan further added, “Thirdly, your ‘Hazrat Bhari Nigahein’ cannot tell that this vdo is not of the real Taj Mahal but instead, a replica in Bhopal- I can understand your AWE at seeing just the ‘copy’! Your limited exposure will not be able to handle the ‘awesomeness’ of the real one!”

The Twitter banter went on when the user also decided to give it back to Adnan Sami, he wrote, “Dear Adnan, A traitor has no honour anywhere. You are a Traitor, whose wife & children are still in Pakistan. About Taj Mahal, The owners of Taj Mahal are still Present in India, and They will rule India in future as Muslim leaders. Extremist Hindus are perfect for cleaning of TM.”

But sadly the last Tweet is not available on the site.

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