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Friday, April 23, 2021
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Aditya Roy Kapur Reveals His Secrets On Neha’s Virtual Show

Best known for his films like Kalank (2019) and Malang (2020), Aditya Roy Kapur reveals his secrets on Neha's virtual show #NoFilterNeha5


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Known for his amazing performances in films like Aashiqui 2 (2013), Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2014), Kalank (2019), and Malang (2020), the suave and dapper actor Aditya Roy Kapur reveals his secrets on Neha’s virtual show.

Always known to be a very secretive and private type of person who prefers keeping his personal life in tight wraps, this time around Aditya Roy Kapur reveals his secrets on Neha’s virtual show.

During his recent virtual appearance on actress Neha Dhupia’s chat show digital podcast for #NoFilterNeha5, Aditya Roy Kapur reveals his secrets on Neha’s virtual show.

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It seems like finally now the actor is in a mood to spill out some well-guarded secrets and extremely private stuff pertaining to his personal life. Earlier a couple of days back, he was seen giving his explanation and clarification on Ranveer Singh’s claim on Aditya of stealing his girlfriend and presently at the moment, he has come clean by openly confessing that he has been caught red handed while urinating and also making out in the public.

During a candid natured virtual chat conversation with Neha on #NoFilterNeha5, when Neha asked him that would he prefer making out in the public or urinating in open, Aditya replied, “Urinating in public will just be wrong for me to choose. It’s just a wrong message to give out. So, I would take a hit of being caught for making out in public”.

However Aditya further also explaining about the same said that both things have happened in life. It looks like a really weird and bizarre kind of a confession from Aditya but yes he is pretty okay and fine with this personal information going out in public space.

Recently Aditya also decided to come clean about the claim that Ranveer made three years ago on his show which said that Aditya had stolen his girlfriend when they both were in college during that time span, where Aditya clearing the rumor and confusion said that he had started to only date the actress – hostess after around eight months of Ranveer and her break up.

In the same conversation he also shared his bit about how as an actor auditions always made him feel uncomfortable where explaining the same he said that, “I think every audition has been nerve-racking. I have never really loved (auditions). It’s something you have to do but it’s always been really uncomfortable. Because, you have to create this reality looking at an imaginary girl and wink at an imaginary person or whatever, So, it’s all really weird”.

Aditya furthermore also added, “I think a lot of people that are taking auditions don’t make it any easier. There’s not very much compassion over there. I think you just have to suck it up and just do it”.

When asked about how he felt for going back to shooting after lockdown by a leading Indian news wire agency, Aditya told, “It actually felt good. You feel nervous because you don’t know if you’re going to get corona or not but other than that, it felt really, really good to just work. I was enjoying my dubbing. I was like, I have done something legit constructive after months and it felt good. But yes, you have to take all your precautions but it just felt good to work, honestly”.

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