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Actress Kashmira On Her Recently Released Movie Rider

Now she is making her Kannada debut with none other than Nikhil Kumaraswamy in the movie "Rider".

Kashmira made her debut with the Tamil movie “Sivappu Manjal Pachai” and then she has also been part of amazing projects like “Nartanasala” (Telugu), “Rampaat” (Marathi), “Mission Mangal” (Hindi). Now she is making her Kannada debut with none other than Nikhil Kumaraswamy in the movie “Rider”. Talking about the film Kashmira says,” The film is amazing and it’s a love story, so people are gonna love it. It has all the ingredients full of emotions, drama, excitement.  The director, producer, and my co-actor Nikhil have been really amazing throughout the journey of the film. So it was amazing to be a part of such a film. “

Further talking about the role and why she chose it, she says,” I am playing the character of Sowmya who returns to India from the United States, looking for her love. She is old school and that’s what makes me more relatable to the character. The main reason for which I took up the film was the script. So basically, it’s one of the few films that emphasizes equally on the actress emotion’s as well. And I had a good team with me – the director, writer and everyone who were supportive and the coordination with one another helped to make it a very different movie..”

Lastly, on being asked about the feedback and expectations from the film, she says, ” The feedback has been amazing and I have been flooded with messages on social media. I now just expect the audience to go and watch the film and enjoy it with the family. I hope people enjoy it to the fullest and our efforts in making the film get rewarded. So, fingers crossed I am hoping for the best.”

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