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Late Actor Sushant Singh Rajput To Act In His Own Biopic?

His sister Priyanka Singh believes no one can play his brother on-screen; asks who can play his ‘innocent, handsome’ brother better than himself?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise left the nation in a state of shock. When his body was found in his Mumbai apartment, his death was ruled suicide initially by Mumbai police but later the case was transferred to CBI for further investigations. While the nation stood by his family’s side and demanded justice for the late actor, today almost after 1 and a half years since the shocking incident, there has been no progress, sadly, in Sushant’s sudden death mystery case.

While his sister Priyanka had been very vocal demanding justice for her late brother, she recently shared a picture of herself with Sushant, but what caught people’s attention was the caption of the post. “no movie on SSR should be made, at least, not until justice is served.” read the caption.

There have been several rumors about a possibility of a biopic on the life of the late actor, since the actor’s demise, but Priyanka has now cleared the air surrounding the rumors and has firmly stated that no such movie is in the making currently.

The post further read, “I firmly believe that no movie on SSR should be made, at least, not until justice is served. This is my promise to my brother, artist, genius @sushantsinghrajput. Secondly, who has the capability to enact SSR’s handsome, innocent and dynamic persona on screen, I wonder!”

“Thirdly, it can only be illusory to expect that anybody from this insecure film industry has the courage & integrity to truthfully portray Ssr’s outrageously unique story where he always followed his heart; left the most dominant & dynastic of production houses, at the peak, on his own terms. #justiceforsushantsinghrajput#sushantmonth.”

Quoting one of Sushant’s wishes, she also mentioned how he always wanted to act himself in his biopic, if one ever had to be made. Priyanka believes this too, is possible and can be made possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. “Lastly, my brother wanted to do his own biopic if it is ever made, and with the emergence of AI technology, there is no reason why this can’t be Reality in near future,” she said.

Sushant’s loyal fans all over the world are still seeking justice for the young actor, who believes there’s more to his untimely death than what is being seen. The most revolutionary movement, #justiceforssr had taken over the internet after his death and still continues to make rounds on the internet, reminding people to keep continuing their hustle in achieving justice for the late actor. One user commented how a biopic is incomplete without justice being rendered to the case.

“A story is incomplete without climax. The story of Sushant is incomplete until real culprits are caught. Let there be the climax, we all are waiting for the climax to happen, only then it would be worth watching and making a movie on him. #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput” read the comment.

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