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Actor Sahil Khan Gets Slammed By His Society Members For Spreading COVID-19 Panic

Style fame actor Sahil Khan spreads COVID-19 rumours in his residential building by wrongly claiming that two of his neighbours tested positive for novel coronavirus. Apologises after society bashes his insensitive behaviour.

 At a time when boiling fear is as important as practicing precaution, high drama followed at Imperial Heights in Goregaon when actor Sahil Khan shared on social media that two of his neighbors tested positively for COVID-19 without checking the facts.

Sahil Khan who is known to everyone because of his role in the 2001 movie Style, is a resident of the posh Goregaon residential complex home to many TV celebrities. He posted a video on Instagram on Saturday evening in a strange move in which he claimed that the virus had been inflicted on two building residents—a 72-year-old and an 18-year-old.

The residents called for an urgent meeting with Khan as soon as word spread and gave him an earful for spreading false rumors. The actor then removed the video and then posted another one that explained that he was misinformed.

Actor-astrologer Raman Handa, who lives in the complex, says Khan created “panic in the complex.” “We were taken by complete surprise [by his video]. We don’t know what caused him to spread misinformation.” The residents took a stand against him and informed him that his behavior will be reported to the local civil officials.

 “It was only then that he tendered a written apology to the society and the local municipal ward office. Perhaps, he did it to gain mileage.” Ghajini actor Pradeep Rawat adds, “He apologized, so we did not pursue the matter.”

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