Actor Kapil Jhaveri donates 30 jumbo oxygen cylinders to multiple hospitals in Goa

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"- This old adage well describes the gigantic humanitarian tasks undertaken by Dilse Foundation in the most difficult times ever faced in this century.

As India is battling the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic, actor Kapil Jhaveri’s Dil Se Foundation has contributed 30 Jumbo Oxygen cylinders to Horizon, Mothercare and more hospitals in Goa even as the foundation has recently completed the providing of 1 lakh masks to the Goa government last year.

Kapil humbly said, “These cylinders were sent from Mumbai with the joint efforts and contribution by Namit Jhaveri & Mahesh Jhaveri sir.”

It was the Team Khushiyaan that executed the transportation, inspite of cyclone and heavy rains. There wasn’t a single day’s delay to reach its destination since the lives of several patients depended on the supply of Oxygen.  

Kapil Jhaveri says, “The moment we came to know about the requirement, we acted immediately without any delay. I always have believed in the meaning of ‘Serving is praising’. In future too, wherever there is a need of us, we shall stand strong and always be with the society and nation.”

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He further added, “The team of Dilse Foundation is always on its toes to serve more lives. Once again I congratulate and thank the V Team,  team of Khushiyaan and Shantanu for the execution of the most impossible task.”

The extent of support extended by this NGO to the state of Goa must have never been paralleled by any other NGO in the recent history of the state. Also, the Dilse foundation is in its final stages of planning to open up several branches all across the country.