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Abhilash Thapliyal Reveals How His School Friends Reacted After Watching TVF Aspirants

Abhilash Thapliyal aka SK Sir of TVF Aspirants shares how his school friends reacted after watching the series.

Millennials are loving the latest web-series TVF Aspirants that is based on the struggles of UPSC Aspirants. 4 episodes of the mini-series are already out and fans are now eagerly waiting for episode 5 which will also be the finale.

Abhilash Thapliyal who plays the role of SK in the series recently got into a candid chat with Lehren. Since the show is based on the life of three friends, he was asked if his school or college friends have seen the show and how they reacted.

He said, “They called me and their first reaction was, ‘Abbe..itni achi acting kab sikhayi humne tere ko’…Maine kaha ….’Arreeeerrre…’.”

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He further said, “To har cheez ka credit unka hai. Meri zindagi mein mera kuch nahi hai, sab unka hai.”

Mimicking his friends, he said, “‘Humne Kab sikhayi tere ko acting? Sahi kar rha hai bete…acha seekh raha hai humse tu.’- This is all what they say. But their reaction is honest because when I don’t do well in something, they tell me, ‘Abbe kya kar raha hai..bilkul hasi nahi aai..bilkul acha nahi laga’.”

Abhilash told that he is still in touch with school friends but he didn’t make many friends in college as he was busy making a career as RJ simultaneously.

Abhilash completed his graduation from Delhi University. While studying, he also took up a job as an RJ in Hisar while also managing his college studies.

Watch Full Interview here:

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