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Aashiqui Fame Actor Rahul Roy Makes A Shocking Revelation About His Casting

Rahul Roy makes a shocking revelation about his casting in Aashiqui. Read to know more.

Recently, the Aashiqui fame actor Rahul Roy appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show, with his co-stars Anu Aggarwal and Deepak Tijori. The actors were guests on Kapil’s comedy show to celebrate 30 years of the musical blockbuster.

During his chat with Kapil Sharma, Rahul unveiled a secret about his casting in the film. He shared, “When I met Mahesh Bhatt for the first time, he found my hairstyle and dressing very weird. When he was signing me for this movie, many directors from the industry warned him against taking me as a lead. As they thought that with me as a lead, the film will be a failure.”

He further added that a lot of people from the industry even said Mahesh Bhatt that he doesn’t look like a hero. While recalling the past Rahul said, “I remember back in the days my hair used to be all scattered and it would hide my facial expressions. But Bhatt Sahab was adamant about casting me.”

The actor also shared certain funny incidents from during the shoot of the film. “I remember when we were shooting for the song ‘Jaanejigar Jaaneman’ in the forest, I had to come running in from a distance and search for Anu. I had no idea how far the camera lens could capture and I ran so far that Bhatt Sahab had to stop the shoot and scream for me to come back”, Rahul recalled.

Aashiqui was a blockbuster hit of the 90s, and the songs from the movie can still light up a mundane day.

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