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Aamir Khan Quits Social Media, Check Out His Last Post

Aamir Khan has deleted all his social media accounts. Check out his last post.

A while ago, Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan hit the headlines when it was revealed that he has stopped using his phone. The reports claimed that Aamir would not be using cellphone for a year which means he would stay away till his film Laal Singh Chaddha is released.

And now, Aamir has quit social media too. The actor, who celebrated his birthday on Sunday gave a surprising news to his fans. He took to his social media handles and said that it would be his last post.

He said that since he is not active anyway, he has decided to drop the pretence.

Aamir’s last post read, “Hey guys, thank you so much for all the love and warmth on my birthday. My heart is full. In other news, this is going to be my last post on social media. Considering that I am SO active anyway I have decided to drop the pretence. We will continue to communicate as we did before. In addition, AKP has created its official channel! So future updates on me and my films can be found there. Lots of love, always.”

Aamir’s Instagram had 3.6 million followers, his Twitter page had more than 26.7 million followers, while his Facebook page has 18 million likes. All these social media handles have now been deleted.

His fans are a little disappointed by his decision. A fan wrote on Twitter, “Opened twitter account mainly to follow you. It’s true you were not active much but those notifications of your tweets popping up on my phone always used to make me happy. Will miss that little moments of joy”.

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