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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Aaliyah Reveals About Her Struggle With Anxiety And Depression

In a recent youtube video, talking about how she dealt with anxiety and depression ever since teenage years, Aaliyah reveals about her story of struggle with anxiety and depression.


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Noted film maker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap is a popular star kid in Bollywood who is also a successful youtuber and in her recent youtube video, Aaliyah reveals about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Taking to her official youtube channel and posting the video, we all see how honestly Aaliyah reveals about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Talking about why is the concept of mental health also very important to her in the youtube video, we also see Aaliyah reveals about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

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Without a doubt, we all know that Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap is one of most well-known and popular star kids in Bollywood film industry who is really super active user on social media and has an ever growing fan base on instagram where we see her posting sun kissed and ethereal pics of herself which are always loved by her fans and she keeps them entertained as well wherein her social media feed is always a delightful and visual treat to see.

She is also a successful youtuber who posts youtube videos wherein she openly speaks on many pressing issues and topics and also keeps on updating her followers and fans about her life. Recently, we saw Aaliyah uploaded a video on her Youtube channel wherein she finally opened up on dealing with depression and anxiety. Not only this, but she also revealed about the time when she got hospitalized and how the entire situation went much worse then along with clearly speaking about when she tested positive for coronavirus in last year 2020.

Aaliyah said, “I have always dealt with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager, so maybe since I was 13-14. I have always dealt with it on and off but it has never been bad to the point where I couldn’t cope. It has always been easy for me to snap out of it. If I really wanted to snap out of it, I could. It was all in my head, it never bothered me to the point where it was like ruining my life. It wasn’t interfering with my life. Like I would feel depressed and anxious, but I could snap out of it”.

Furthermore, also speaking about quarantining whilst being COVID 19 positive last year, Aaliyah mentioned, “Since then, I just haven’t been able to snap out of it, which is weird for me, because usually, it is so easy for me to just snap out of it. I’ll do a therapy or counselling session and I’ll be fine for months or weeks. But it was really hard for me after November. I was just super low, constantly crying, feeling like there was no purpose to my life, like I didn’t want to exist or do anything. I thought I was a burden on everyone else and all of these negative interrupting thoughts in my head obviously aren’t true. But that is what it felt like”.

Source: Aaliyah Kashyap Yotube. She shared this video wherein she talked about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Aaliyah also shared details about time when situation got much worse in December 2020 and she was constantly hospitalized for having panic attacks. She also went on to add that her parents had also flown down to US for being by her side with her and by month of January 2021, she finally started feeling much better.


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