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A look back at the characters of Shah Rukh Khan over the years that inspired us

Shah Rukh Khan has immensely contributed to the film industry with his great performances over the last 20 years.

Shah Rukh Khan is most famous for his romantic roles and it can be said that he has achieved perfection in these roles owing to the number of Filmfare awards he has won

Let’s have a look back at the characters of Shah Rukh Khan over the years.

1. Chak de India

This film was well done by Shah Rukh Khan in a more serious role. He displays integrity and true grit as a man who was once a famous player but was unjustly accused and hence destroyed, but the experience leaves him with a hard edge that is just what he needs to make a real team out of a ragtag bunch of women from all over India who started out with nothing but talent for the sport but no concept of teamwork.

2. Dear Zindagi 

This is the most appreciated movie of Shahrukh in recent times. He does such a great job portraying Dr. Jug as the slightly quirky unorthodox psychologist who helps the star find her way out of the rejection and mess of her life to being happy and well adjusted.

3. Raees

This film is witty, action-packed, gritty, and deeply touching. Shah Rukh Khan plays a man who grew up in the streets, raised by a mother who engaged in criminal acts herself, hence he has known nothing else. Still, he has a good heart and wants to do good things for his people

4. Swades 

Swades was one film that won the heart of people and Shahrukh Khan played the role of an NRI with aplomb. This movie brought out the harsh realities of life and succeeded in forming a strong connection with people.

5. Zero 

In this movie, Shahrukh played the role of a young man who is also a dwarf. He plays the role perfectly with a great energy level that makes one belief in the emotions of the character.

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