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A Glance At Fascinating Characters From Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tandav

Before the series drops digitally on Amazon Prime Video on 15th Jan 2021 for netizens and audiences, we take a glance at fascinating characters from Ali Abbas Zafar's Tandav.

The gritty and captivating trailer of much awaited Amazon Prime Video series Tandav has been getting rave reviews from critics along with loads of applauds from fans and netizens. So before the series is dropped on 15th Jan 2021, let’s take a glance at fascinating characters from Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tandav.

Right from the start of new year 2021 itself, the novel content coming in OTT web space is so intriguing especially after watching Tandav’s trailer, we surely can say that fans have gotten excited to see this series and ahead of Tandav’s release on Amazon Prime Video in a week from now, let’s get a glance at fascinating characters from Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tandav.

Right from the ace stellar Bollywood superstars Saif Ali Khan and Dimple Kapadia to Sunil Grover and Gauahar Khan, we take a glance at fascinating characters from Ali Abbas Zafar’s Tandav.

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1. Saif Ali Khan as Samar Pratap Singh – Essaying the shrewd and tactful manipulative Chanakya like character who exudes a royal persona along with being very fierce, radical and authoritative, Samar is the blue blooded crown prince. Where whenever he gets on the mic to address the people, his aura and charisma is too hard to be missed who draws a huge crowd with his zeal, charm and youth appeal.

2. Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore – Tandav marks the fabulous digital debut of Dimple Kapadia in the digital webspace, we can’t really wait to watch Dimple lead this series with the other stalwart actors. She plays the role of Anuradha who is one of  the senior most and hugely respected politicians in this country along with being strong headed and intelligent and is also a long term associate of the country’s PM from the last three tenures who happens to be Devki Nandan.

3. Tigmanshu Dhulia as Devki Nandan – Tigmanshu Dhulia as Devki Nandan is liberal and dynamic and is set to get back into power as the Prime Minister of the country for the third successful and consecutive time in a row making it his hattrick and also has a tethered relationship with his son Samar which further gets more complicated when he rapidly tries discouraging his son from joining politics.

4. Zeeshan Ayyub as Shiva Shekhar – In a parallel story that has been weaved and carefully constructed around larger scheme of events in this fictitious political drama, Shiva is a great orator, humanitarian, and an enigmatic person who is pursuing his masters in political science and as the story goes forward, Shiva becomes the epicentre of a maddening and totally delusional world where nothing is a bed roses including his victories and love.

5. Sunil Grover as Gurpal Chauhan – Ace comedian and actor Sunil Grover would be seen in a never seen before avatar, where Gurpal would be seen like a cunning fox and also totally cruel in nature. Gurpal is very closed off and more like secretive in nature who never really likes to speak about his real intentions and motives. Samar’s most trusted man and more like a right hand, Gurpal is seen loyal to Samar and also will pull all the strings together in order to establish and mould Samar as a politician where he is really dangerous then what actually is seen by people.

6. Gauahar Khan as Maithili – The Bollywood actress / TV personality has turned the tables completely by making our jaws drop in this new avatar where she would be seen playing the role of secretary to Anuradha (Dimple) who is also her closest aide and confidante. Maithili is to Anuradha what Gurpal is to Samar but in a much refined way where Maithili is a perfect mix of sophistication and devious in nature.

Set in the capital city Delhi of the world’s largest democracy, Tandav will take viewers inside the closed, chaotic corridors of power. The show will uncover the manipulations, charades as well as the dark secrets of individuals willing to cross any boundary in their thirst for power. The series will be available for Prime members in India and in more than 240 countries and territories from January 15th 2021 onwards.

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