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7 Bollywood Celebs And Their Favourite Holiday Destination

Even though they are tied up with their professional commitments, they go on vacations to enjoy some quality time.

Name us one person on the earth who doesn’t love to travel? Well, there’s this little traveler in each one of us who wants to explore the world one fine day. The same goes for our Bollywood celebs. Even though they are tied up with their professional commitments, they go on vacay to enjoy some quality time.  

So, let’s take a look at 7 Bollywood celebrities and their favourite Holiday destination.  

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: Switzerland

In the popular chat show Kareena revealed that she just loves Gstaad which is in Switzerland. The Pataudi family travels every year to Gstaad in December.   

2. Bipasha Basu: Goa

Bips just loves seafood and beaches and hence prefers Goa. She travels to Goa every time she gets a chance.  

3. Kangana Ranaut: Paris

While her love for Paris was shown in the film Queen, Kangana’s actual favourite destination is Paris. She visits Paris every year with her friends and family.  

4. Saif Ali Khan: London

Unlike his wife Kareena, Saif prefers London to vacay every year. Currently, the Pataudis are in London and enjoying their time.  

5. Priyanka Chopra: Thailand

PeeCee loves Thai food and the environment and the beaches of Thailand.  

6. Anushka Sharma: Himalayas

Travelling to the hill stations of India has always been on her list. Anushka loves the Himalayan Mountains and often vacations there.  

7. Salman Khan: Dubai

Salman’s favourite destination seems to be Dubai as the actor often travels there and celebrate most of the birthdays.

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