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6 Statements By Diljit Dosanjh That Completely Roasted Kangana Ranaut

Check out the 6 bold statements by Diljit Dosanjh that completely roasted Kangana Ranaut during their verbal fight on Twitter.

Punjab actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh ruled the internet yesterday after he got into a verbal fight with Kangana Ranaut. The two actor hold different opinions on the ongoing farmers’ protest, but things went ugly when Kangana used derogatory words for Diljit. Instead of ignoring the controversial actor, Diljit hit back at her multiple times giving apt replies to each tweet of hers.

Here are the 6 best statements that Diljit made yesterday and completely won our hearts.

  1. When Kangana said that he is Karan Johar’s pet, Diljit said, “This way, you are a pet of everyone you have worked with. You must be having many masters.”
  2. In another tweet, he said, “We can produce our own films. We are not at the mercy of anyone.” Diljit also elaborated that he never begs for work. Instead it is the Bollywood filmmakers who come to him offering films.
  3. When Kangana tried to explain her side, Diljit said, “We know you want to join politics. But there should be some sense in what you speak. We were just talking about the farmers, but you dragged our mothers into it. Back off!”
  4. In another tweet, Diljit wrote, “You don’t have the basic etiquettes of how to speak. Being a woman, you insult other women. For us Punjabis, our mothers are our gods.”
  5. When Kangana tried to explain that she is just talking about the betterment of this country, Diljit lashed out at her and said, “This isn’t just your country. You have no other work than spitting nonsense 24 hours. What sort of nationalism teaches you to insult the country’s elders.”
  6. And in the end, he roared like a lion when he wrote, “PUNJAB will remember you and..YOU will remember Punjabi.”

Icing on the cake is that all these tweets were in Desi Punjabi and it promopted everyone to take Punjabi lessons right away.

Well, Diljit just proved once again that nobody can afford to mess with a Punjabi. What is your take on this entire controversy? Do tell us in the comments below!

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