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6 Bollywood Celebs Who Battled Anxiety And Depression

Alia Bhatt is currently riding high on success. The actress who is relishing the success of her blockbuster films Raazi and Gully Boy recently opened up about battling anxiety issues. Her latest confessions during an interview will make your head spin. Well, Alia is not the only one who has battled Anxiety and Depression issues.

There are many more celebrities who have battled Anxiety and Depression issues in the past. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Anushka Sharma: Anushka Sharma made everyone worried when she tweeted “Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.” She later said that she is on medication for Anxiety. 

2. Karan Johar: “There was a phase in my life, when I was really depressed. When I went through that phase, I thought I am getting a cardiac arrest. I felt it in middle of a meeting two and half years ago, after which I left the meeting in between saying I have something urgent to do and rushed to the doctor. He then said I am having an anxiety attack. I went to a psychologist post that. Then I realised that I had some internal issues to deal with, which got built up to such point that it resulted into anxiety” said Karan in a statement.

3. Ileana D’Cruz: For Ileana, depression doesn’t revolve around her work, it revolves around her personally. She said that it is important for people to get checked in such situations.

4. Shah Rukh Khan: Post his shoulder surgery in 2010, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he was suffering from anxiety.

5. Deepika Padukone: Deepika had the guts to talk about her story openly. The actress not only opened up about battling Depression but also started a Foundation Live, Love, Laugh to help people come out of the mental issues.

6. Varun Dhawan: During the filming of the film Badlapur, Varun actually went into the skin of the character and started feeling that he is suffering from some mental disorder. Varun played the role of a psycho in the movie.

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