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5 Stellar Performances Of Vikas Kumar Which You Should Watch!

Vikas Kumar made his television debut with Powder in 2010 and was last seen in Aarya alongside Sushmita Sen.

Vikas Kumar who was last seen in the crime drama web series Aarya, alongside Sushmita Sen, has been known for his effortless acting. Be it TV, silver screen or web, he has spread his magic. So, let’s take a look at some of his best works below:

1- Inspector Umesh Jagdale in “Powder”

Vikas Kumar made his television debut with Powder in 2010, which was YRF’s maiden television venture. It is a crime and thriller television series which is based on the fight against drug abuse in India. Having portrayed the character of a Senior Inspector named Umesh Jagdale, Vikas has managed to leave a lasting impression on the critics as well as the audience. 

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2- Ratan Das in “Handover”

Handover is an independent film made on a shoestring budget in 2011. Because it couldn’t afford a theatrical release back then, it has managed to reach the audience through OTT now. It deals with the poignant plot of a mother selling her child due to poverty, where Vikas plays a local government official assigned to investigate the matter.
His stint in the film made a section of his fans go crazy for his acting skills. Vikas has once again proved his mettle as an actor through the film.

3. Inspector Damodar Deshmukhin “Khotey Sikkey”

Vikas Kumar, this time, has played the role of Senior Inspector Damodar Deshmukh in the 2011 Yashraj’s crime television series, Khotey Sikkey, that aired on Sony Entertainment Television (India). The show revolves around an unlikely gang of five privileged youngsters and one head-strong and brutally honest cop, played by Vikas Kumar. 
Vikas, with his finest dialogue delivery ability and controlled performance, is successfully able to steal the show. His role in the series made him gain some credibility as an actor.

4- CRPF Jawan Abhay in “Hamid”

Vikas Kumar had played the role of Abhay, a hard-knuckled CRPF Jawaan, in the critically acclaimed film, Hamid. The whole story revolves around an eight-year-old kid who wants to get in touch with God and instead gets in touch with Abhay who was intrigued by his innocence and engaged in humoring him. These two unintentionally change each other’s lives forever. It’s the simplicity, humaneness and sense of poise in Vikas’s role that connects the audience with him, which is profoundly moving. 

5- ACP Khan in “Aarya”

The recent one, among all of his best works, was Aarya, where he played the role of ACP Khan, who is driving an investigation to find a pen drive that will expose the drug traders. His character evolves beautifully throughout the series. He was portrayed as the antagonist from the first episode, but by the end of it, he turned out to be the hero.
His impeccable performance has hit the ball out of the park as ACP Khan. Through his power-packed performance, he has enthralled the audience with his intensity and effortlessness in the series.

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