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5 Shocking Facts About Karisma Kapoor’s Broken Marriage

Karisma Kapoor's marriage with Sunjay Kapur was no less than a nightmare. Here are 5 shocking things about their broken marriage.

Karisma Kapoor has been unlucky when it comes to love life. She was previously engaged to Abhishek Bachchan but the wedding was called off after a few months of engagement. Karisma moved on and married Sunjay Kapur in 2003. However, it turned out to be the worst decision of her life. Her dreamy wedding turned out to be a nightmare on their honeymoon. Here are the 5 shocking facts from Karisma Kapoor’s broken marriage.

1-     Sunjay started torturing Karisma soon after marriage. On their honeymoon, Sunjay forced Karisma to sleep with his friends. And when Karisma refused, Sunjay beat her up.

2-     Karisma became a victim of domestic violence multiple times. Not only her husband but also her mother-in-law would beat her sometimes.

3-     Karisma was Sunjay’s second wife. However, even after marrying Karisma, Sunjay maintained his relations with his first wife and they even used to live together.

4-     After being married for 11 years and birthing two kids, Karima filed for a divorce in 2014. Their divorce became too ugly when Karisma opened up about how Sunjay would treat her and in return he accused Karisma of marrying him for money.

5- After their divorce, Sanjay married Priya Sachdev in an intimate ceremony in April 2017 while Karisma is single till date. 

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