4 Unnoticed Performers Of 2020 That Were Impressive And Outstanding

After culling out the entire clutter, here are the 4 unnoticed performances of 2020 that were impressive and outstanding as well.

Where 2020 was a game changer kind of year entirely in which content and non-star kid actors completely won hearts of netizens and audiences with their jaw dropping performances in series and films, often we fail to take note of performances which were just magical. So here we bring forth 4 unnoticed performers of 2020 that were impressive and outstanding.

It was indeed difficult but after culling out the clutter, we should take a look at 4 unnoticed performers of 2020 that were impressive and outstanding.

With 2021 celebrating content and new real powerhouse talent post the disruptive game changer 2020, let’s take a thorough glance at 4 unnoticed performers of 2020 that were impressive and outstanding.

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1. Shubham Saraf (A Suitable Boy, Netflix, 2020) – Before this role wherein he played character of Ishaan’s muslim friend who ends up becoming smitten by Tabu in A Suitable Boy, he also made his mark in tow Netflix shows namely Bodyguard (2018) and Criminal (UK) where his role didn’t get that exposure and recognition. But in A Suitable Boy as Firoz Ali Khan, he stole the limelight and entire poise from both Ishaan and Tabu in each and every frame of the entire series where we could see that whenever he was there, he also held the complete scene together.

2. Maya Saro (Thappad, 2019) – Ofcourse, the entire film was completely Taapsee’s show all the way right from the start till the ending but one such budding powerhouse actress was Maya Saro who also gave a power packed performance in the movie but was overshadowed and still managed to leave a strongly lasting impact wherein she was a professional lawyer that spoke feminist linguistic jargons giving the entire world a false image of being self-made and self-sufficient but at home was a flip side wherein she was also an abused wife.

3. Ishwak Singh (Paatal Lok, Amazon Prime Video, 2020) – Another stellar performer in the highly loved and critically acclaimed series is Ishwak Singh who has a face of a kind and compassionate man. Essaying the role of Jaideep Ahlawat’s subordinate in the series, Ishwak’s character had to follow Jaideep where he also saw and got accustomed by imbibing to the climate of corruption residing all around him. It’s a remarkable performance filled with lots of power and mind-blowing moments that we missed whilst watching the entire series.

4. Khushboo Atre (Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, Disney Hotstar 2020) – Another solid and breakthrough performance was of this totally new and unknown actress Khushboo Atre who essayed the role of playing ace Bollywood star Pankaj Tripathi’s unsophisticated but clever wife named Ratna in this commercially hit and critically acclaimed successful courtroom drama series. Ratna’s character was strongly determined to break through the walls of her husband’s aloof and indifferent behaviour without compromising on her morals and self-respect which has been brought to life brilliantly on the digital screens to the fullest by Khushboo Atre wherein this total newbie actress gave a tit for tat reaction to Pankaj Tripathi in each scene.

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