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4 Times Mumbai Police Gave Satirical Responses To Celebrities

Mumbai Police deserves a bow for giving satirical responses to celebrities even when they are warning them for their safety.

They say Words are more powerful than action and who else than Mumbai Police has proven this time and again. Since the time they joined this social networking site Twitter, they have been winning hearts with their quintessential wordplay.

May it be promoting citizen safety or any social campaign, they have always been creative in warning the citizens in the most satirical way. And when it comes to protecting actors they are hands down the best one.

Here’s a bow down to the person who handles the Mumbai Police Twitter account as we present this 4 instances where he gave some satirical responses to Bollywood celebrities and even some guests.

1. Varun Dhawan: The word ‘Galactic Coincidence’ was literally trending when Mumbai Police addressed actor Varun Dhawan for a selfie. It so happened that Varun was in his car at a signal while a female fan approached him for a selfie. The actor leaped out from his car and the moment was captured in cameras and was noticed by the Mumbai Police who in turn fined the actor and tagging the picture as a dangerous selfie.

2. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Dulquer Salmaan: Mumbai Police posted a video of Dulquer Salmaan in the driver’s seat of a moving car fiddling with his phone and captioned it as “We agree with you @sonamakapoor ! Quite a ‘weirdo’ to try such stunts while driving and putting the lives of fellow drivers at risk too! We don’t quite approve of these even in ‘reel’ life. #NotDone.”

Sonam noticed this and quickly replied back “We weren’t driving we were rigged on a truck.. but I’m glad you guys are concerned.. I hope and I know you show the same interest in regular folk as well! Thanks for taking care! #Reelvsreal @dulQuer.”

To this, they again replied “For us, No Mumbaikar is ‘regular’ they are all ‘special’! And we are equally concerned about them all. Glad to know your safety wasn’t ‘rigged’. @sonamakapoor”

3. Kunal Kemmu: Mumbai Police reprimanded actor Kunal Kemmu when he was found guilty of riding without a helmet, the tweeted a picture which had a caption “You love bikes, we love every citizen’s safety. And we wish a regret could avert mishaps! Hope next time the realisation won’t be an afterthought! An e-challan has been dispatched,”

4. Coldplay: Crowd from all parts of the world swarmed in Mumbai when Coldplay- the British rock band was in India for a tour. Mumbai Police welcomed the guests in the most playful way. They tweeted “If someone violates ur legal rights,intimidates & causes fright,we will ‘Try To Fix You.’

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