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10 Unknown Facts On Bollywood’s Chulbul Pandey Salman’s Birthday

On the occasion of the Bollywood superstar Salman's birthday which was celebrated yesterday, we bring the 10 unknown facts about Bollywood's eternal Dabanng.

Best known as the globally loved and adored superstar who has given us hit films like Maine Pyar Kiya, Ek Tha Tiger, Sultan, Dabanng, Bharat and so on, Today marks the 55th glorious birthday of Salman Khan and as he turns a year older and wiser, here are the 10 unknown facts on Bollywood’s ChulBul Pandey Salman’s birthday.

We all know that there is a very large Salman Khan fandom across the globe who loves the actor for being so humble and down to earth even after being a global bollywood superstar and even the indian fans and netizens are always eager to know more about the eternal Dabanng Salman’s personal and professional life, so on his 55th birthday today, this is a list of 10 unknown facts on Bollywood’s ChulBul Pandey Salman’s birthday.

Salman Khan fans every year gather outside his house in Galaxy Apartments Bandra without fail to make their favorite superstar’s birthday special and loved. But this time, owing to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic nationwide, fans can’t do it but still it has not made them dampen their spirits for they all are making his birthday more memorable and special by celebrating it on social media. Today, on the ace and iconic Bollywood superstar’s 55th birthday, we present the 10 unknown facts on Bollywood’s ChulBul Pandey Salman’s birthday.

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1. Every year Salman’s birthday is without fail celebrated at his farmhouse in Panvel where Salman absolutely doesn’t like and more so he hates cutting birthday cakes. But since his family insists on cutting the cake, he gets his nephews to do the needful and also is a healthy competition amongst his nephews as to who will get to cut the cake for ‘Chachu’.

2. Salman’s brother Sohail Khan’s sons Nirvaan and Arhaan are very close also sharing a tight knit bond with Salman where both the nephews are just joined at the hips with their Chachu Salman and also immensely are attached to him just the way they are with their father. In fact, Nirvaan from now itself has his goals and plans of following his Chachu’s footsteps of becoming an actor where he regularly takes advice from Salman.

3. Salman doesn’t like physical contact with anyone else apart from his two moms Salma and Helen where even his friends get a simple and normal hug from him. All the three brothers Arbaaz, Sohail and Salman never cuddle, snuggle and hug each other as in reality, Salman is very shy of intimacy and closeness.

4. Salman makes friends for a lifetime but also makes enemies for an entire life where he doesn’t bear backstabbers so easily and doesn’t really let them go scot free. But, most of his lifelong enemies gradually end up turning into friends with him again and are also known for trying to come back into the Sultan of Bollywood Salman’s life again where both Himesh Reshammiya and Subhash Ghai are live proof of this.

5. His real and only bestfriends right now are producer Sajid Nadiadwala, London based singer Kamaal Khan (Oh Oh Jaane Jaana), and also director Ali Abbas Zafar who is the noted and celebrated film maker behind hit films like Sultan, Tiger Zinda Hai along with the upcoming Tiger 3.

6. Currently his favorite heroines are Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandes.

7. Salman is totally away from alcohol right now and currently is not even touching a single drop of it since he is in the preparation and training mode for his character Chulbul Pandey in Dabanng 4 which is going to be produced by Sohail but won’t be helmed by Prabhudeva this time around.

8. Even after being one of the most loved and super successful Bollywood global superstars, Salman is very down to earth and humble since he lives in a three bedroom flat at Galaxy Apartments in Bandra with his entire family as he can’t stay away from them.

9. Salman has a rule and clause of no kissing on screen to his heroines and won’t do villainous roles ever.

10. Salman is going to do another film with his favorite heroine Katrina Kaif in 2021 which is what he has promised her and we all know that Ek baar bhaai commitment karde, toh phir wo khud ki bhi nahi sunte.

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