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1 Year Throwback: When Bollywood Celebs Banged Thali On Janta Curfew

It's the one year anniversary to the Janta Curfew that imposed by the Indian Government on 22nd March. Let's go back in time to see how Bollywood celebrities participated in the 5 pm programme.

It’s been a year to the day when we were first locked into our houses as the government announced a curfew. Yes, it’s 22nd March. This day, last year, on a not-so-fine Sunday, we sat in our respective homes thinking that if we don’t go out today, the coronavirus will end. On top of it, our Prime Minister had requested us all to come into our balconies and clap or bang thalis for some reason.

Interestingly, most Indians did it too, including our Bollywood celebrities. Not only did they clap and bang thalis, but they also shared videos of themselves doing so.

We saw the entire Bachchan family, Dhawan family, Ranveer and Deepika, Janhvi Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty with her family, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Kartik Aaryan and many others participating in this 5 PM programme.

Well, it didn’t change a single thing, but it is now a funny memory when we look back at it.

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