Monday, September 28, 2020

    Bigg Boss Fame Pritam Singh Is Anxious About His Future


    Popular radio jockey Pritam Singh who gained popularity post-Bigg Boss 8, says he has no job from the past 6 months and now he’s nervous about his future. Pritam who had a great career as RJ, left that job to explore more opportunities, he even went on to do hosting in the majority of the TV shows but the pandemic has left him anxious. Just like industry workers when he’s facing a major financial crises. Sharing the details about his situation, Pritam wrote, “Due to pandemic lot of people have suffered n still suffering. I am one of them I have a lot of experience in Radio n as n actor but i have no job ..6 months back I left Radio thinking that it will be a grt career move n started doing pretty well as TV Host But suddenly all this Carona virus, I was left with no work at all ..for the fist time I am nervous anxious to know what’s stored In coming up Days…” Along with a long post Pritam also shared his picture looking outside the window as he hopes things get better very soon and the entertainment industry starts functioning soon, his note further read, “looking thru my appartment window with full of positivity. I know things will get better and hope Hindi Film Industry starts functioning soon and work can happen.”

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