Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    Arti Singh Reveals She Struggled To Talk About Depression


    Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death, the whole nation is now taking their mental health more seriously. Many celebs came out and shared their story, they even raised awareness about the issue. Now Bigg Boss 13 fame Arti Singh too joins the bandwagon and shares how she struggled talking about depression thinking people might leave or judge her. In an interview, Arti feels blessed that she was surrounded by encouraging people who stayed by her side in the most difficult situation, “I am no expert in mental health but there have been times when I had everything in life career-wise, but I have been broken inside. People around me didn’t know till the time it started showing on my face. I was blessed to have people whom I could talk to and share with them what was happening in my life and they stood by me like a rock and didn’t judge me. A depression patient has to really pull himself to get out of the situation. Of course people will listen to us, but in the end we have to help ourselves,” said Arti. Arti further states talking about mental issues is still a taboo in our country, she also thought no one will marry her if they knew this side of her. Well, the actor is a fighter as she became a finalist in the most controversial show Bigg Boss and that shows what Arti is capable of.

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