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Ariel Tejada Pokes Fun At Kylie Jenner: ‘Would Your Brows Look Like This If I Didn’t Do Your Makeup’

Kylie Jenner bragged about doing her own makeup in her Instagram story saying “Ariel didn’t do my glam and nobody’s gonna f—king believe me I did my own glam” before being funnily interrupted by her longtime friend and makeup artist Ariel Tejada saying, “No you didn’t! Do you think your brows are gonna look like this if I didn’t do your makeup?” to which Kylie jokingly replied “You’re so annoying” before screaming and falling down and captioned the video “I fell at the end

Yo now he’s going on his own personal Instagram and telling people that he did my f—king makeup. It’s like I put all this hard work into this sh*t, these brows took me like 15 minutes. I hate him I really hate him” Kylie jokingly says on her Instagram story whilst suppressing her laugh

This room is crazy, both of us makeup artists, it’s wild,” Ariel says to which Kylie wittily replies, “I taught you everything that you know

Well, we can’t argue with that as Kylie is the makeup mogul after all.

The two besties were recently seen posing stylishly together at the lavish KarJenner Christmas Eve Bash hosted by none other than big sister Kourtney Kardashian at her mansion in Calabasas. Ariel is known for his amazing makeup skills and does makeup for most of the Kardashians making them look as glamorous as ever.

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