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Tragic Love Story Of Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta is an example for any woman born with a liberal mind, ahead of her time. Let’s dig deeper into the tragic love story of Neena Gupta

Full with so many ups and downs, thick and thin, twists, and turns; a roller coaster ride has been Neena Gupta’s love life.

Her decisions were confident enough to shake everyone off and heat up the controversy.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this extraordinarily talented lady’s personal life.

Here we start with the Tragic Love Story Of Neena Gupta!

Love affairs and heartbreaks

Neena is a brave, attractive woman who is full of life and talents than anyone else.

It is normal for people to get drawn to her her beauty. Her first, though short, the affair was with Alok Nath. The two met for a TV series shoot in the 1980s.

This did not work out as we all know and the two went in separate directions.

The son of famous Indian classical vocalist Pandit Jasraj, Shaarangdev, the next man in Neena’s life played a significant role in both loving and breaking her heart.

The two partnered and fell in love. By the time Neena met her worst fear, they were both engaged to marry.

Although Neena had been irrevocably in love, Shaarangdev called the wedding off. To Neena, this has been a very tough time.

Turning point in life

The West Indian cricket team embarked for some cricket matches in India during the late 1980s.

Captain Vivian Richard led the team. Richard is described as a casanova.

He was then married and had two kids, but it was also rumored that he had split from his wife and that he was staying with his girlfriend.

While no one knows for sure, Neena and Richard are believed to have met at a party in Mumbai.

The love between the two seemed brimming and Neena was spotted with a baby bump within a few months.

Instead, Neena said: Throwing light on her situation: “My friends told me don’t do this, but I was young and had the nasha, so did it. I feel it was very tough for me and I did my best.”

Neena knew clearly that marrying Richards was not possible, but she went ahead with her pregnancy to give birth to her loving child, Masaba Gupta, going against the world.

When asked about the same Neena said “Yes, I do have regrets in my life. Instead of what I did earlier, I should have got married at the right age and should have got children. Instead, my life started taking twists and turns and in most of the cases, it was beyond my control. Yes, I had certain choices to make to amend my mistakes but I know that when it came to making a decision, a choice — I always made the right choice.”

Fearless and Bold decisions

Neena has always said she wasn’t keen to get married yet she started feeling lonely as her daughter grew up. Her depression periods had her questioning her beliefs.

It was in 2002 that Neena, 43, met a chartered accountant based in Delhi, Vivek Mishra, on a flight and immediately hit the two. Vivek had divorced himself from his wife and at first, was a little apprehensive about asking Neena the same.

Took a step to get married

Vivek and Neena spent more than 6 years in a relationship before the two finally tied the knot. The divorced Vivek finalized in 2008.

Neena left with Vivek in July 2008 to join a US wedding of one of his relatives. Neena knew nothing that this journey would change her life forever.

Vivek went on his knees to propose Neena in the US and then and there the two got married.

After a long kiss, Neena might have found her perfect match; it’s her journey that was truly inspiring.

Her growth as a woman, as a mom, and as a hopeless romantic has been wonderful.

It is her story that gives the encouragement to many other women that one day, they too, will find their life’s love which will hold their hand through the thick and thin.

The bold decisions that she took at the time when it was a big thing to have a baby before marriage and go against everyone to give birth to that innocent lives were not less than a brave action Neena took.

What do you think about Tragic Love Story Of Neena Gupta? Let us know in the comments.

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