Friday, September 18, 2020

    काही कारणाने माझ्या नवर्याची बायको फेम शनाया म्हणजेच ईशा केसकर मालिकेतून Out


    Mazjhya Navryachi Bayko fame actress Isha Keskar quits the show following some health issues. Isha plays the role of Shanaya in the famous Marathi serial. Though she portrays a negative character in the show, her acting is appreciated by the viewers. She has posted the video to thank the fans for showering her with love and support for portraying the character of Shanaya. Isha also confesses that she was going to join the rest of the show’s team soon but couldn’t because of some unforeseeable circumstances. She also urges people to shower the new Shanaya with the same or else double love and support.

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