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Friday, February 26, 2021
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Monthly Archives: August, 2019

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TikTok Fame Sameer Mark Revealed Adnan’s Real Face | Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview, What's the reason behind Sameer Mark and Adnan's fight? Watch this video.

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: मेघा धाडे म्हणते शिव आणि किशोरी व्हावेत Winner

Bigg Boss Marathi 1 winner Megha Dhade reviews Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2.

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: शिव आणि वीणाचे Goa Plans

Watch Shiv and Veena plan a Goa vacation together after the Bigg Boss Marathi 2 finale.

Music Composer Khayyam Saab’s Last Rites | Javed Akhtar, Sanjay Khan

Sonu Nigam, Gulzar, Vishal Bhardwaj, Javed Akhtar, Sanjay Khan and many other Bollywood celebs visited Khayyam Saab's last rites pay their last respects. The...

Bollywood Celebs At The Prayer Meet Of Actress Vidya Sinha

Celebs like Kiran Kumar and Aditi Anand spotted attending the Prayer Meet of late actress Vidya Sinha.The actress passed away at the age of...

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: Ticket To Finale टास्क अनाउन्स्ड, Midweek eviction मध्ये बिचुकले जाणार का?

There will be an interesting twist this week as Abhijeet Bichukale is reportedly to leave the house in the Midweek eviction. Also, Bigg Boss...

Veteran Actress Vidya Sinha’s Last Rites | Mohit Malik, Sunil Pal

Veteran Actress Vidya Sinha passed away on Thursday morning following heart and lung disorders. Her last rites was held in Mumbai which was attended...

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: शिव आणि वीणाची मैत्री तुटणार?

Shiv Thakre and Veena Jagtap's relationship is currently in trouble as Veena is upset over Shiv's comments.

Amitabh, Dharmendra & Jeetendra Pay Homage To Hrithik Roshan’s Grandfather J Om Prakash

Grandson Hrithik Roshan Performs Director J Om Prakash's Last Rites.Several Bollywood celebrities, including Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, and Jeetendra arrived to pay homage.

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: हीना पांचालची एक चूक तिला थेट Nomination मध्ये घेऊन जाणार

Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy task yesterday and as Heena was the supervisor, her one little mistake made her enter the nominations for the...

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: रुपाली भोसले म्हणते अभिजीत आणि नेहा आहेत Mastermind

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: While Rupali Bhosle's eviction came as a big shock, she thinks that Abhijeet Kelkar and Neha Shitole are the masterminds...

Bigg Boss Marathi 2: शिव ठाकरे आणि वीणा जगतापचे Romantic Moments

While there are fights in the Bigg Boss Marathi 2 house, the cutest couple Shiv Thakre and Veena Jagtap spend some quality time together....

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