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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Monthly Archives: June, 2017

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5 Bollywood stepmoms who nearly have the SAME AGE as their step children

The age difference between some stepmoms of Bollywood and their step children is very low. Read on to know more.

Television couples who went in for live in relationships!

Many celebs from the tinsel town have opted for a live-in relationship. To know which are those couples, read on this article

7 Bollywood celebrities who turned from rich to poor!

Bollywood is not only known for giving fame but also known for taking that away, and when it does it does very badly. Check these celebs that are now poor and living in very bad conditions.

Salman Khan asks Katrina Kaif to cover up her cleavage!

Recently, at the press conference of IIFA red carpet, Katrina Kaif’s cleavage was pretty much visible. This did not go too well with Salman and he immediately asked Katrina to cover up!

Shahid Kapoor is Stalking Kareena Kapoor again? Mira Rajput’s shocking reaction

In spite of everything being over between Shahid and Kareena, seems like ‘Kuch Toh Baaki Hai’. Check out what we mean by ‘Kuch’!

10 Bollywood stars who were abandoned by their family

Bollywood stars do get their happy endings in reel life, but when it comes to the real world not everyone is as fortunate. Here's a list of stars who had a bad ending to their career.

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